How to Claim Muse Finance Token after Lockdrop 2


This is the instruction how to claim your Muse Finance Token after Lockdrop 2 with Moonstake Web Wallet. In order to claim (and/or withdraw your locked assets) you need to connect the same wallet you used to lock your assets to participate in Lockdrop phase1 and 2.

1. Login at

2. Go to Wallet and add “Muse Finance Token” at “Tokens”

Contract Address is 0xb3bd4d37d23dbb8cfdb2cdf5844dfc07eee97d9b

* Remember its not in Coins but Tokens since its ERC20

3. Go to “Muse Finance”

4. Choose “LOCKDROP” and “Phase 2”

5. “Claim all MUSE reward”

6. “PROCEED” and enter your password

* You need to have enough ETH to make this transaction successful



Muse Finance Official

Muse Finance is Decentralised Finance Platform where staking users can receive staking rewards and benefits through wrapper, swap and lending simultaneously.